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Welcome to the General Regulator, Inc. web site. 

General Regulator, Inc. was incorporated in 1978 and has since been manufacturing its line of propane and MAPP® hand held torches under the following trade names and trademarks:


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It is very safe to purchase CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES because we have been essentially making the same products since 1978 and have improved them along the years to provide superb flame performance that contractors demand. Our torches are built tough to handle the every day torture the contractors put them through. Over the years we have seen what contractors have done to our products and we have learned from these observations and corrected any issues. We have not made any design changes in the last 9 years! It is our goal to never have a contractor return any of our torches for any reason. We want him to be embarrassed to return a product because he has had it too long and got his money's worth.

We have four fundamental torch models providing 4,700 to 30,910 BTUs/hr with MAPP® gas. 

bulletThe smallest torch is the TM100 & TM100-357, which is our refrigeration torch.
bulletThe TM2000CLO & TM2000-357 is our general purpose  torch which is used in the plumbing and  HVAC/R industries. 
bulletThe TM2100CLO & TM2100-357  is our industrial brazing torch which has a very broad customer base in the industry. 
bulletOur largest torch, the TM3000CLO & TM3000-357, is for super industrial brazing and it is also known as "The Gatling Gun Torch™". It has an astonishing heat output. 

All of these torches come with and without our CROSSTECH 357ä Electronic Ignition. All of our torches use our CROSSWIRL™ BURNERS which produce an extremely hot swirl flame and are classified as air fuel, soldering torches and brazing torches. All of these torches are described in detail in this web site. Our torch tips can be used with our special ADP1000 adapter to work in any torch handle which has a "quick disconnect" fitting.

Our single turn regulator has dual position for either propane or MAPP® so you don't have to purchase separate propane torches or MAPP® torches. A special safety lock prevents the pressure regulator from accidentally be turned on from the off position. 

General Regulator, Inc. has distinguished itself from its competition by having heavy duty, multiple tip torches like the 2100 and 3000 series torches with and without electronic ignition. We have been manufacturing these heavy duty torches since 1978. When you observe the flame speed, flame intensity, and flame color on these multiple tip torches, you will notice that all the flames look the same. This is because we have precise control of our manufacturing process.

All of our products are created and engineered in the United States of America.

News - July 19, 2009: General Regulator, Inc. is please to announce that we have selected Monti & Associates to represent us in the following states:  Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado and Oklahoma. Monti & Associates will be a stocking sales representative and they have a warehouse for your products.

News - November 1, 2008: General Regulator, Inc. is please to announce that we have selected Johnson Industries. Inc. to represent us in the following states: Washington State, Oregon, Alaska and Idaho. Johnson Industries, Inc. will be a stocking sales representative and they have a ready built warehouse for your products.

News - General Regulator, Inc. is proud to announce that we have been awarded U.S. Patent No. 7,347,685 on March 25, 2008, Titled: "Torch Manifold With Integrated Nozzles". We have successfully protected our intellectual property. Our TM2100CLO, TM3000CLO, TM2100-357, TM3000-357 torches and TT2100CLO, TT3000CLO, TT2100-357 and TT3000-357 torch tips cannot be copied by our competitors which they did on our 1st Generation products when our patent expired. Torches using this patent have excellent performance and are built tough for the extreme environments which the contractor will expose them to. This patent also allows our products to be more compact for reach into tight locations. General Regulator, Inc. continues to be the innovators in the design of torch products.

News -  TM2100CLO



News  -  TM3000CLO -  News

News  - TM2100-357

News - General Regulator, Inc. has redesigned its TM3000-357 CROSSTECH 357 SELF IGNITING PROFESSIONAL TORCH to use the TM3000CLO style manifold design. This allows for a more compact product with the same high performance flame. You can see this new design at this link: TM3000-357

General Regulator, Inc. sells these CROSSTECH® torches to the plumbing, HVAC and HVAC/R markets throughout North America through its network of sale representatives. Our products are sold by many nationally known wholesale distributors such as Air Cold Supply, The Gage Company, Familian NW, Johnstone Supply, Hajoca Corporation, United Refrigeration, Ferguson Enterprises, Express Pipe & Supply, Keller Supply, Consolidated Supply and Winnelson Co., to name a few. We also deal with many small distributors. No matter how large or small the orders, we strive to provide the best products and service to all accounts. We would be pleased to provide you with pricing and the names of sales representatives in your local area. We can be contacted at the following address:

P.O. BOX 809

TEL.: 888-762-4126 (Toll Free)

FAX.: 978-692-5329


If you are in a rush to purchase our CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES, you can purchase them directly from our stocking sales representatives:

All Seasons Marketing, Inc. - Woodstock, GA
W.C. Sales, Inc. dba Whitney Company - Williston, OH
Johnson Industries, Inc. - Seattle, WA
Barrett Sales LTD - Sussex, N.B., Canada