Torch Tips / Flametubes
Torch Tips Flametubes



General Regulator, Inc. part numbers do have specific purposes:

bulletProducts starting with "TM" (Torch Model) are complete torches with regulators and torch tips.
bulletProducts starting with "TT" (Torch Tip) are only the torch tip which screw onto the swivel connection on the pressure regulator.
bulletProducts starting with "FT" (Flame tube) are replacement flame tubes for our "CLO" (solder Clean Out) torch tips.
bulletProducts starting with "ADP" (Adapter) are adapters for quick disconnect torch handles by most competitors.
bulletProducts ending in "CLO" have our special solder clean feature
bulletProducts ending in "ADP" such as TT2000ADP are torch tips with an adapter for use with quick disconnect handles sold by other competitors.