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General Regulator, Inc. offers different sales promotions to stimulate sales growth of our company.  We do this by offering wholesalers an opportunity to purchase our larger, multiple tip torches, to introduce them to their plumbing and HVAC/R customers. Our multiple tip torches are very popular. We currently have three sales promotions which can be found at the top of this page.

The "1st Time Customer" Promotion # SP1001, gives special pricing on a dozen TM2000CLO CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES which are our most popular torch and are very easy to sell to their customers.

The "Starter Package" Promotion # SP1002, gives special pricing on a small quantity of our different  non self igniting CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES.

The "Progress Package" Promotion # SP1003, provides a larger discount on a larger quantity of our different  non self igniting CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES.

General Regulator, Inc. only sells to wholesalers. Actual pricing and discount levels are not shown in our web site. Wholesalers will need to contact General Regulator, Inc. for the promotion sheets filled out with the correct information. We need to make sure that the company requesting the information is an actual wholesaler and not a contractor or plumber. Wholesalers should request this information with their normal fax cover page. This information can also be e-mailed to your company in the form of a PDF file which is universally accepted. You can get a printable form using the Adobe Acrobat "PDF" file.  If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat 4.0 Reader, you can receive a free downloadable copy at www.adobe.com.