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MODEL TM2100-357 CROSSTECH TORCH with New Solder Cleanout Feature:

The Model TM2100-357™ Self Igniting Professional Torch is our Industrial performance torch, which has a very strong customer acceptance in the industry. Its flame shape is wide and short, allowing for concentrated heat in a large area. There is no other torch in the marketplace like it.

This torch has been updated to use our new TM2100CLO manifold design. This allowed us to provide this torch with our standard solder cleanout feature which we have been using for many years now. The overall length of this torch is shorter and more compact that our old design double flame tube self igniting professional torch.

The multiple tip torches, TM2100-357 and TM3000-357, are very easy to light by holding the torch tips close to the work piece and then lighting the torch after turning on the fuel. The flame from the tip with the electronic ignition will cross over and light the adjacent flame tube(s).

If the contractor damages the flame tube they can purchase replacement P/N FT2300 which has a low replacement cost.

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