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New 2nd Generation Multiple Tip Torch from General Regulator, Inc.
Patent No. 7,347,685


The Model TM2100CLO torch is our Industrial performance torch, which has a very strong customer acceptance in the industry. Its flame shape is wide and short, allowing for concentrated heat in a large area. There is no other torch in the marketplace like it.

We have been producing the TM2100 torch since 1978. We had a patent on this product which prevented competitors from copying our design approach. Recently our patent expired and some of our competitors came out with products like ours - no imagination on their part! (The large torch companies are copying our design approaches - not the other way around!)

We decided that we were not going to put up with that situation. We decided to completely redesign the TM2100 torch and have created the brand new TM2100CLO torch which you can see in the photographs above. The design is very sleek and very rugged at the same time. We eliminated the TT2000HS tips which were on the old TM2100 design. We accomplished this by putting the torch nozzle and venturi in the manifold base. The stainless flame tubes are then pressed into the manifold. We have special stainless steel screens in the nozzles to prevent dirt from the tanks from clogging them. We have been using these screens since 1978 so our field history told us that there was no problem in using the non replaceable tips in the design. We could have made these non solder clean out flame tubes but decided it was better to allow the plumber to remove the solder on their own. (They would not  have been able to purchase replacement tips for this product.) They can however purchase replacement FT2300 flame tubes for the tips.

We like the TM2100CLO torch products so much, we have discontinued the TM2100 product as of September 2004. At a slightly higher cost then the old TM2100 torch the plumber is getting a sexy new product  that has our new solder clean out feature. They are getting also some of the reliable old components like the nozzles with stainless steel screens and our trusty venturi design for peak performance and our patented flame stabilizers.

Low cost replacement flame tube assemblies, P/N FT2300, that hold the flame stabilizer can be purchased from local distributors.