Competitive Analysis
Double Tip Torches Self Igniting Torches Comparison Report Comparing Brands



There are torch companies in the industry who give their new products very powerful trade names, giving the purchasing agent the impression that these torches are at the cutting edge of performance and there must be nothing better out there in the marketplace. One of these companies shows pretty, artistically drawn, pictures of flames on their web site, stating why they think their torches are amazingly better all of a sudden. The number #1 purchasing agent rule is "Don’t Screw Up!" In this report we will provide measurable facts that will show that CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES are better than the competition.

We decided to quantify the performance of our CROSSTECH® PROFESSIONAL TORCHESTM and compare the results to the #1 and #2 torch brands in the industry for hand torches mounted to one pound MAPP® cylinders. These tests were done using common available materials and test equipment that anyone could purchase. We obtained 6"x12" copper plates in 3/16" and 1/8" thickness from MSC Industrial Supply. On eBay we purchased a CEM, Model 8829, Professional Higher Temperature InfraRed Thermometer, which had an operating temperature up to 1832oF, which is the temperature for phosphorous bronze brazing.

With all the hype about the #1 brand torches, we didn't know what to expect. We decided to make the tests and see how we compared to the plumbing industry "Goliaths." We initially tested their flame speeds and they were in the 0.5 to 1.5 inches of water range. For our testing, we used TM2100CLO torches and TM2000-357 torches, which had flame speeds of 1.75 inches of water. The test results are very interesting.

These are photographs of the CEM, Model 8829, Professional Higher Temperature InfraRed Thermometer and packaging:

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What does this information mean for our sales representative?     

We have provided actual test data which can be duplicated by any one. These are legitimate numbers, testing the torches in a way that is meaningful to the plumber. The plumber needs to know how hot a work piece can be heated. He needs to know which torch and fuel is used for what copper tube size. We provide these ratings on the product packaging and this web site.  In these tests we have confirmed that we have the Hottest - Fastest  torches in the marketplace. And now we know we have the most efficient for double tip torches!

What does this mean for distributors thinking about purchasing our torches?

Our message is that just because the giant torch companies in the plumbing industry make catchy advertising trade marks, it does not mean that they have the torches operating at the extreme limits of performance. We have them and our torches are more fuel efficient for double tip torches!  We ran the tests and these other companies can run them also using the same work pieces and InfraRed Thermometers. Taking InfraRed photographs of the flames makes for pretty pictures but the plumber is more interested in how quickly the work piece is heated and to what temperature it will go to. We have been making the same designs for decades and have a very loyal following of customers.

We also encourage distributors to purchase our products for the many industry leading features we have with our products. These can be found in our new two page color brochure. The competition copies our products, not the other way around. General Regulator, Inc. was the first company to design the multiple tip torches. When our patents ran out, both the #1 brand and a smaller company copied our design approaches. With our new TM2100CLO torches, our competitors will be very jealous of our new, sleek, sexy product which we have also developed for the TM3000CLO torches.

What does this mean for the plumber thinking of purchasing our CROSSTECH PROFESSIONAL TORCHES?

Our message is that we have been building and selling these torches since 1978. General Regulator builds products which are excellent and they are designed and built correctly from the beginning. These are very reliable products designed for the craftsman who appreciates the finest products available and knows he got his money worth. For example, our self igniting ignition systems are so good we think they will out live the plumber.

We are a small company when compared to the #1 brand and the #2 brand companies. We however have great product designs which provide excellent performance which you can see in the data in this document. Once you try our products, you will love them.

Note: There is no need for us to identify the companies referenced as the #1 brand and #2 brand. You know who they are. They will never reference our company in their literature or web site, because they are afraid to identify us as a real competitor of theirs.